Brain Power Wellness teaches physical and mental brain breaks, mindfulness practices, and social emotional wellness strategies that support a positive classroom atmosphere. We partner with Teachers, Students, Parents, and Administrators to create a sustainable, healthy, happy and focused school environment.

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 Brain Power Wellness Virtual Summer Camp

Students and children can continue their growth this summer with themes and activities focused on mindfulness, self-regulation, global citizenship, and more.


Private Online Kids Classes

The Brain Power Wellness team is excited to expand beyond our schools and support families at home by utilizing our methods of brain training, movement, mindfulness & relaxation.

Since 2007, through our on-site trainings, Brain Power Wellness instructors have trained over







Our School Model

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Brain Power in Action!

Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness & Physical Health

P.S. 212 Queens

Tap & Sweep

P.S. 166 Queens

My Brain Is So Amazing!

P.S. 144 Queens

Mentor Teachers Having Fun
with 3-6-0

Mentor Training at P.S. 1 Bronx

Student Leaders Teaching
Body Tapping

P.S. 28 Brooklyn

Power Brain Dance

P.S. 82 Queens

Mentor Teachers Stretching
their Brains

Mentor Training at P.S. 1 Bronx

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