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Since 2007, through our trainings, Brain Power Wellness instructors have trained over







We teach physical and mental brain breaks, mindfulness practices, and social emotional wellness strategies that support Teachers, Students, Parents, and Administrators to create a sustainable, healthy, happy and focused school environment.

Empowering educators to create positive, joyful learning environments


With over 15 years of experience, we have helped schools by

supporting school leaders to create a healthy school culture


enhancing students’ engagement and positive behavioral changes


empowering teachers with  classroom management & self-care tools


Brain Power Wellness Offers

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Our School-wide program offers physical and mental brain breaks, mindfulness practices, and social-emotional wellness strategies that support a positive classroom atmosphere.
Our whole school programs include:

  • Teacher training

  • Classroom visits

  • Student workshops

  • Parent seminars

  • Access to the learning community

Join Our Community

Join our network of like-minded educators across the states to co-create better learning environments for our schools and communities


By joining Our Learning Community, you will get access to:

  • Our educator resources

  • Our forum

  • Connection with other graduates

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How to Become a Brain Power School

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Step One

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the changes you want for your school

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Step Two

We will co-create strategic plans and programs to support your school’s goals

Step 3.png

Step Three

We begin our partnership for a journey to your school’s vision

What Our School Partners Are Saying

We are proud to be a Brain Power district in District 12. We utilize Brain Power exercises in our principal meetings and our parent leaders lead parents in the exercises at our CEC meetings. We see the value of the Brain Power Wellness strategies to help students,parents and teachers with focus, mindfulness and emotional well- being.

Rafaela Espinal, Superintendent, NYC District 12

Brain Power Wellness is an awesome tool that I brought to m y school to shift the way we address providing a supportive environment for our students. In our second year of implementation, we are excited to have empowered our student leaders to drive this valuable program school- wide.
Judith James, Principal, PS 28K

BPW strengthened my ability to empower my students to become Leaders in their own right, to own their own energy, their own direction, their actions, and that for m e is one of the most powerful things I can do for my students to help them become future Leaders and also successful at the end of their educational journey.
Rachael Clarke, Teacher & Brain Power Leader, IS 192Q

We work with over

300 Schools NYC | 30 Schools DC | 100 Schools LA | 50 Schools Miami

By becoming our partner, you start bringing positive changes to classroom environments with our research-based and time-tested programs for wellness, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning.

Contact us today to discuss how we can support your school needs.

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