Brain Power Wellness teaches physical and mental brain breaks, mindfulness practices, and social emotional wellness strategies that support a positive classroom atmosphere. We partner with Teachers, Students, Parents, and Administrators to create a sustainable, healthy, happy and focused school environment.

Since 2007, through our on-site trainings, Brain Power Wellness instructors have trained over







Our School Model

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Brain Power in Action!

Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness & Physical Health

P.S. 212 Queens

Tap & Sweep

P.S. 166 Queens

My Brain Is So Amazing!

P.S. 144 Queens

Mentor Teachers Having Fun
with 3-6-0

Mentor Training at P.S. 1 Bronx

Student Leaders Teaching
Body Tapping

P.S. 28 Brooklyn

Power Brain Dance

P.S. 82 Queens

Mentor Teachers Stretching
their Brains

Mentor Training at P.S. 1 Bronx

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