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Brain Power 10 curriculumn model

Our Brain Power 10 © curriculum model blends community building, wellness, brain training, SEL and character development for impactful learning. Our brain breaks help teachers engage students through physical, emotional and cognitive wellness & mindfulness activities.


Students embodying mindfulness and holistic wellness in the classroom


We help schools embody the principles and practices of mindfulness and holistic wellness in order to create real community transformation. Our 2-pronged approach uses regular Brain Breaks in addition to leadership training for sustainability.


More than any other space in our society, schools possess a unique capacity for growth, challenge and change. BPW supports school communities to disrupt systemic racism and promote equity and inclusion, through a heart-centered space of empathy, courage, vulnerability and compassion.

Our approach to community building and mindful self-management empowers marginalized voices and sustains a culture of inclusion and equity.

students learning community building and mindfulness


Our multi-tiered workshops empower every role within the school community to grow genuine leaders, who by staying connected to our network, receive regular reinforcement training to keep the school-wide program vibrant.

Student Leaders with Teacher Leader

Positive Discipline

Classroom Relationships

BrainPowerClassroom Book

Positive atmospheres and positive relationships are interdependent. In a Brain Power Classroom, students and teachers work together to create three positive types of relationships on a daily basis.

Student-Self-Teacher Relationship


Participants learn that intentionally creating joy, through simple acts such as smiling, exercising and laughing, changes their brain chemistry and promotes emotional and mental health. The purpose of all our training is to not only empower our students to achieve academic success and social emotional health, but ultimately for all of us to utilize these tools to become responsible and proactive citizens of our global community.

happy smart students

WHOLE SCHOOL MODEL: Comprehensive Community

To create transformative change, our model –whether in-person or through live online classes – touches every member of the school and local community. We believe that “it takes a village to raise a child” and we honor the sacred and revolutionary space our schools inhabit in their communities. We help schools embody the principles and practices of mindfulness and holistic wellness in order to create real community transformation. To learn more about our Whole School Model, please click here

happy students in classroom creating community transformation.
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