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How did BPW get started?

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In September 2002, Dave Beal, the executive director of BPW, began teaching at Public School 375 in Brooklyn. While he was drawn to teaching in the wake of 9/11 as a way of empowering future leaders to create a more equitable, peaceful and sustainable world, it became clear that Dave needed help managing the stress of teaching in this high-needs environment. Dave began practicing yoga, tai chi and mindfulness and experienced great changes in his health and in his ability to connect with his students. Dave incorporated mind-body exercises into his classroom with great success and expanded it to school-wide mindfulness/SEL programs. After three years of leading these transformative school-wide programs, Dave was inspired to leave the classroom to share mindfulness and wellness with more school communities. To learn more about the history of BPW, click here.

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Creating Learning Environments for a Better World 

Our mission is to help transform the culture of our partner schools through community building, self development, SEL, mindfulness, holistic wellness and brain training for Teachers, Students, Parents, and Administrators.


Our Brain Power 10 © curriculum model combines elements of community building, holistic wellness, brain training, mindfulness, SEL, and character development to create a dynamic and impactful system that helps all of us tap into the highest version of ourselves. Rooted in multiple intelligence theory, trauma-informed care, and culturally responsive practices, our diverse collection of exercises and activities allow all learners to access their inner genius. Our regular brain breaks help teachers engage students through mindful movement, brain training and holistic wellness activities. 

Synergy of the Brain Power 10 

To create transformative change, our model –whether in-person or through live online classes – touches every member of the school and local community. We believe that “it takes a village to raise a child” and we honor the sacred and revolutionary space our schools inhabit in their communities. We help schools embody the principles and practices of mindfulness and holistic wellness in order to create real community transformation. To learn more about our Whole School Model, please click here

BPW Whole School Model: Comprehensive Community

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What makes BPW Programs different?

Mindfulness, Brain breaks, Yoga, Neuroplasticity, Physical exercise, Positive Socialization, Emotional Regulation, Character Development… Our training combines ALL of the above into a dynamic, engaging and effective format. 



Our curriculum supports CASEL’s five social emotional competencies with tangible tools students can utilize when they need them to regulate emotions, create and sustain healthy relationships and consistently make positive choices.



Our multi-tiered workshops empower every role within the school community to grow genuine leaders, who by staying connected to our network, receives regular reinforcement training to keep the school-wide program vibrant.



We provide regular exercises for teachers and parents to manage their physical, emotional and mental health, thereby helping them tap into their highest potential.

Self-care based

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Dave Beal




Cathy Martinez

Field Coordinator

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Katie Brisley-Logue

Deputy Executive


02.About03.OurTeam.Rebecca Wheaton.jpg

Rebecca Wheaton

Field Coordinator (D.C.)

02.About03.OurTeam.Marieliz Almonte.jpg

Marieliz Almonte


02.About03.OurTeam.Maria Claudia Kondrat.jpg

Maria Claudia Kondrat

Field Coordinator


02.About03.OurTeam.Elizabeth Chavez.jpeg

Elizabeth Chavez

Instructor & Curriculum Developer


Kim Kristiansen

Instructor (Denmark)

02.About03.OurTeam.Tammir Smith.jpeg

Tammir Smith

Field Coordinator

02.About03.OurTeam.Evi Zaimi.jpg

Evi Zaimi


Sandra Piepenbrock.jpg

Sandra Piepenbrock

Instructor (Netherlands)

Meet Our Team

02.About04.Advisory Board.Emeran Mayer.jpg

Emeran Mayer



Oppenheimer Center for Neurobiology of Stress,
Ingestive Behavior
& Obesity Program,

David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

02.About04.Advisory Board.Marjorie-Schiering.png

Marjorie Schiering

Professor of Education

Molloy College

02.About04.Advisory Board.Reed Tuckson.jpg

Reed V. Tuckson


Tuckson Health Connections, LLC

Advisory Board

Meet Our Team
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