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School Model

BPW embraces a holistic, experiential and embodied understanding of SEL. Through our Brain Power 10 curriculum, we approach social-emotional learning not only through the lens of intellectual understanding but through an interconnected perspective that engages our bodies, our hearts, our minds and our brains. Because this system was developed by a classroom teacher, in partnership with thousands of passionate educational leaders, our school model is authentic, comprehensive and deeply personal, touching every member of the school and local community.

How to Become a Brain Power School

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Step One

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the changes you want for your school

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Step Two

We will co-create strategic plans and programs to support your school’s goals

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Step Three

We begin our partnership for a journey to your school’s vision

High School Exterior

for NYC, DC, LA, and Miami

We provide tiered supports for students, teachers, administrators and parents . By becoming our partner, you start bringing positive changes to classroom environments with our research-based programs for wellness, mindfulness and social-emotional learning.

Mentor Training with Teachers Balancing Excercises

This is our basic 4-hour PD that gives teachers 45 hands-on classroom activities to promote focus, mindfulness and emotional wellness. Includes access to online materials, material kit (book, posters, exercise cards) and 3 follow-up classroom visits. [Note: This workshop can be delivered in up to four increments]


Leaders learn to turn-key PD to colleagues, facilitate student leadership programming and run parent seminars. They are our point of contact as we continue visiting them on a bi-monthly basis to help run a vibrant school-wide system. This training is held in upstate NY.


Staff at a School Receiving Refresher Workshop Training

For your staff who have already taken the Teacher Workshop. We lead 2 PD sessions (1 whole group PD and 1 grade-level PD) plus 1 class visit.

These 30-40 minute in-person or live online sessions supplement our PD with 100% self-care for the staff. We teach simple yoga, tai chi and breathing exercises that can be done daily to boost energy, immunity, and improve sleep. We focus on helping the staff release the stress of their work through tangible mind-body tools while creating a safe space for dialogue and healing. We typically start these after our Teacher Workshop PD sessions are completed as a way of continuously supporting the staff.


Teacher at a Staff Wellness Workshop


Trainers are equipped to run a year-long student curriculum, give regular wellness classes to staff members and lead parent workshop series. They can provide class visits, staff refreshers and act as trainers for the Student Leadership Program. Includes regular reinforcement training. This training is held in upstate NY.

Teachers Training at a Retreat




Our customizable pricing options are designed to meet the unique needs of your school community. With flexible plans and tailored solutions, you can select the pricing model that best fits your budget and requirements.

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