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  • 12 Hour Course

  • 50 + Instructional Videos

  • 13 Trauma-Informed & Culturally Responsive Classroom Management Strategies

  • Multiple Intelligence Tips

  • Digital Instructional Binder & Exercise Cards

  • Access to Our Online Learning Community


Learn 50+ classroom activities to promote mindfulness, SEL and holistic wellness through expert live and asynchronous instruction. Practice self-care wellness routines and learn classroom management tips that are Culturally Responsive and Trauma-Informed. Receive top quality resources: Brain Power Classroom e-book; instructional binder; digital exercise card deck; 50+ videos; access to our international Learning Community.

Online Class


We offer courses for professional development and learning environment management. Programs provide mindfulness exercises and innovative instructional activities for positive discipline and best classroom practices.

“I believe Brain Power Leadership training provides the cutting-edge resources, embodied tools and supportive environment necessary to maximize our wellness potential and build a true sense of unity among our school community”

- Tennyson H., Elementary Teacher, Class of 2017

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