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Our curriculum supports CASEL’s five social-emotional competencies with tangible tools students can utilize when they need them to regulate emotions, create and sustain healthy relationships and consistently make positive choices. A unique emphasis of BPW training methods is the understanding that emotions are forms of energy that “live” in the body, and that by accessing the body through targeted mind-body practices we can access emotions and heal traumas underneath. Through daily practice of tangible mind-body exercises, students are able to integrate and embody the intellectual lessons from SEL and character development frameworks.

Embodied SEL

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Wellness is Holistic

Our training teaches students about the three interconnected and magical aspects of the human experience (physical-emotional-mental). Through mind-body exercises, we improve our physical health, release and regulate heavy emotions and promote creative and focused brain wave activity. Our unique set of practices teaches students to:

  • Manage optimal energy balance, 

  • Strengthen healthy Brain-Gut connection, 

  • Enhance self-regulation and emotional wellness

  • Harness the power of neuroplasticity

  • Enhance mental clarity and focus

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Equity is Everything

More than any other space in our society, schools possess an inherent positionality of growth, challenge and change. As we seek to disrupt systemic racism and promote equity and inclusion, BPW is proud to help our school communities hold a heart-centered space of empathy, courage, vulnerability and compassion.

Through community building and mindful self management, we help each school community create and sustain a culture of inclusion and equity and empower the voices of community members who represent marginalized groups.

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Sustainability is Key

Building authentic and autonomous leadership within each level of the school community is central to the value we seek to add to our partner schools’ equity frameworks. Our multi-tiered workshops empower every role within the school community to grow genuine leaders. 

This energy of grassroots and sustainable leadership illuminates and elevates the principles and practices our staff has introduced to the school community. Each of the school’s Brain Power Leaders is connected to our network and receives regular reinforcement training from BPW to facilitate a vibrant school-wide program.

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Positivity on Purpose

While we embrace the principle of nonduality and accept all our emotions with nonjudgment and compassion, we also share the empowering understandings of positive psychology and neuroscience with our students. Students learn that “good news creates a good brain” and that “where your mind goes, energy flows.” They learn how to consciously choose a growth mindset and encourage themselves and others through positive words and actions. They learn that intentionally creating joy, through simple acts such as smiling, exercising and laughing, changes their brain chemistry and promotes emotional and mental health.

Positive Discipline

Classroom Relationships

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Positivity on Purpose

Positive atmospheres and positive relationships are interdependent. In a Brain Power Classroom, students and teachers work together to create three positive types of relationships on a daily basis.

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The purpose of all our training is to not only empower our students to achieve 
academic success and social emotional health, but ultimately for all of us to utilize 
these tools to become responsible and proactive citizens of our global community.



We help schools embody the principles and practices of mindfulness and holistic wellness in order to create real community transformation. Our 2-pronged approach uses regular Brain Breaks in addition to leadership training for sustainability.

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