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“I believe Brain Power Leadership training provides the cutting-edge resources, embodied tools and supportive environment necessary to maximize our wellness potential and build a true sense of unity among our school community”

- Tennyson H., Elementary Teacher, Class of 2017

If you already registered, please go to the online course

Learn 50+ classroom activities to promote mindfulness, SEL and holistic wellness through expert live and asynchronous instruction. Practice self-care wellness routines and learn classroom management tips that are Culturally Responsive and Trauma-Informed. Receive top quality resources: Brain Power Classroom e-book; instructional binder; digital exercise card deck; 50+ videos; access to our international Learning Community. Enroll today!

Applications are open for 2022 program

BPW Online Teacher Training Course

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For a Free Consultation about our professional training programs, please contact us
Call: 718-275-8326

  • 12 Hour Course

  • 3 Live Online Classes

  • 50 + Instructional Videos

  • 6 Self-Care Sessions

  • 13 Trauma-Informed & Culturally Responsive Classroom Management Strategies

  • Multiple Intelligence Tips

  • Digital Instructional Binder & Exercise

  • Flash Cards

  • Access to Our Online Learning Community

Our Six-Week Teacher Training Program Includes

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