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Brain Power in Early Childhood Schools

We are very excited to have just completed piloting Brain Power at two of Birch Family Services’ Early Childhood Schools in Washington Heights and Riverdale that serve children with developmental disabilities or on the autism spectrum. Katie Brisley-Logue who started her career as a Special Educator, trained Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Clinicians and Parents, and role modeled activities with students during class visits. The curriculum was specifically tailored to the needs of the students in each classroom and included activities that were multi sensory. Favorite activities included "Belly Drumming", "Toe Tapping", "Body Tapping" and "Energy Ball" and "Tap and Sweep". The Brain Power Cards were instrumental in providing visual cues. The activities have increased student engagement and focus and helped students to relax. Students now request specific activities, initiate doing the activities to self regulate and many students are volunteering to lead the activities. Parents had a lot of fun experiencing the activities as 7 year olds and have begun doing Brain Power at home. Teachers are reporting that the activities are engaging students who often remove themselves from group activities and students who are typically shy are expressing themselves much more and leading Brain Power activities. Brain Power is for everyone!

We are looking forward to expanding Brain Power to 5 additional Birch Schools in the Fall.

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