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Brain Power Wellness Showcased at Horasis Annual Conference

Horasis is a global organization of business, government and thought leaders whose mission is to enact visions for a sustainable future. Horasis’ professional guidance to corporate leaders is based on three fundamental values:

  1. Sustainability

  2. Principled Leadership

  3. Community Building

With these values in mind, Horasis recently held its annual conference in Portugal. The meeting featured panelists from around the world to offer insights into critical issues facing our economy, environment, and local communities. One such panel took place on May 8th and tackled the issue of “Bridging the Cultural Divide.” Metin Guvener, Chairman of Triangle Group based in the UK, was one of the speakers on this distinguished panel. Because Mr. Guvener had attended a Brain Education conference in March in the UK and seen Dave Beal present about the Brain Power Wellness program in US schools, he asked Dave to prepare a video highlighting how the BPW methods pertain to this topic of creating cross-cultural harmony. Mr. Guvener showed the video (see below) to the panel’s audience and shared it more generally with many other business and political leaders at the conference.

Mr. Guvener passionately shared that BPW’s work fits perfectly with his life’s purpose to offer “shared vision, shared experiences, shared resources and shared legacy” to create a healthier and more sustainable world. We at Brain Power Wellness are honored by this opportunity to share our work with such influential world leaders and we are hopeful that this connection will facilitate the dissemination of health, happiness and optimal achievement to more schools and corporations worldwide.

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