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Our Schools

Our Schools

While our Brain Power Instructors have worked with more than 500 schools nationwide since 2007, here is a partial list of our Brain Power Schools:


  • P.S. 01X

  • M.S. 05X

  • P.S. 18X

  • P.S. 25X

  • P.S. 28X

  • P.S. 30X

  • M.S. 31X

  • M.S. 35X

  • P.S. 41X

  • P.S. 43X

  • C.S. 44X

  • MS 45X

  • P.S. 46X

  • P.S. 47X

  • P.S. 57X

  • P.S 58X

  • P.S. 65X

  • P.S. 66X

  • P.S. 67X

  • P.S. 69X

  • P.S. 71X

  • P.S. 73X

  • P.S. 75X

  • P.S. 76X

  • P.S. 78X

  • J.H.S. 80X

  • P.S. 85X

  • P.S. 92X

  • P.S. 105X

  • M.S. 117X

  • P.S. 132X

  • P.S. 134X

  • P.S. 140X

  • P.S. 146X

  • P.S. 150X

  • P.S. 152X

  • P.S. 157X

  • P.S. 161X

  • P.S. 163X

  • P.S. 175X

  • P.S. 179X

  • M.S. 180X

  • P.S. 182X

  • P.S. 195X

  • P.S. 196X

  • P.S. 199X

  • I.S. 206X

  • P.S. 211X

  • P.S. 212X

  • I.S. 217X

  • I.S. 218X

  • M.S. 224X

  • I.S. 232X

  • M.S. 254X

  • H.S. 268X

  • P.S. 277X

  • M.S. 296X

  • M.S. 301X

  • C.I.S. 303X

  • P.S. 304X

  • P.S. 311X

  • M.S. 318X

  • M.S. 328X

  • M.S. 343X

  • P.S. 357X

  • P.S. 359X

  • M.S. / H.S. 367X

  • M.S. 375X

  • H.S. 376X

  • M.S. 454X

  • M.S. 468X

  • M.S. 529X

  • P.S. 536X

  • M.S. 556X

  • M.S. 562X

  • P.S. 567X

  • I.S. 584X

  • P.K. 582X

  • M.S. 593X

  • M.S. 594X

  • Archimedes High School

  • Birch – Riverdale Early Childhood Center

  • Birch – Watson Avenue Early Childhood Center

  • Bronx Park Middle School

  • Entrada Academy

  • The Bronx School of Young Leaders

  • Fannie Lou Hammer Middle School

  • International School for Liberal Arts (ISLA)

  • Learning Through Play

  • Linden Tree Elementary School

  • One World Middle School

  • Pelham Academy

  • Rose Hill Pre-K (535X)

  • Samara Community School

  • South Bronx Academy for Applied Media

  • Young Voices Academy



  • P.S. 03K

  • P.S. 05K

  • P.S. 08K

  • P.S. 09K

  • P.S. 18K

  • P.S. 20K

  • P.S. 28K

  • P.S. 32K

  • P.S. 44K

  • P.S. 54K

  • P.S. 56K

  • P.S. 77K

  • P.S. 81K

  • P.S. 92K

  • M.S. 113K

  • M.S. 126K

  • P.S. 133K

  • P.S. 151K

  • P.S. 160K

  • P.S. 161K

  • J.H.S 162K

  • P.S. 189K

  • P.S. 213K

  • P.S. 214K

  • P.S. 241K

  • P.S. 243K

  • P.S. 256K

  • H.S. 265K

  • M.S. 266K

  • I.S. 281K

  • M.S. 292K

  • P.S. 345K

  • P.S. 346K

  • M.S. 347K

  • I.S. 364K

  • P.S. 368K

  • P.S. 396K

  • P.S. 397K

  • H.S. 468K

  • M.S. 483K

  • H.S. 502K

  • H.S. 555K

  • P.S. 557K

  • H.S. 643K

  • M.S. 678K

  • M.S. 722K

  • P.S. 764K

  • P.K.C. 767K

  • M.S. 821K

  • P.S. 907K

  • Fort Greene Preparatory Academy (MS 691K)


  • P.S. 08Q

  • I.S. 10Q

  • P.S. 11Q

  • P.S. 40Q

  • P.S. 48Q

  • P.S. 50Q

  • I.S. 59Q

  • P.S. 69Q

  • M.S. 72Q

  • I.S. 73Q

  • P.S. 76Q

  • P.S. 82Q

  • P.S. 92Q

  • I.S. 93Q

  • P.S. 95Q

  • P.S. 101Q

  • P.S. 102Q

  • I.S. 109Q

  • P.S. 111Q

  • P.S. 112Q

  • I.S. 126Q

  • P.S. 136Q

  • M.S. 137Q

  • P.S. 139Q 

  • P.S. 144Q

  • P.S./M.S. 147Q

  • J.H.S. 157Q

  • P.S. 166Q

  • M.S. 172Q

  • J.H.S. 185Q

  • J.H.S. 190Q

  • I.S.  192Q

  • P.S. 195Q

  • I.S. 204Q

  • J.H.S. 210Q

  • P.S. 212Q

  • J.H.S 216Q

  • M.S. 217Q

  • M.S. 226Q 

  • P.S. 228Q

  • P.S. 252Q

  • H.S. 264Q

  • M.S. 284Q

  • M.S. 287Q

  • M.S. 355Q

  • M.S. 356Q

  • Birch - Manhattan Early Childhood Center

  • Birch – Nazareth Early Childhood Center

  • Birch – Queens Early Childhood Center

  • Birch – Riverdale Early Childhood Center

  • Birch – Western Queens Early Childhood Center

  • Birch – Watson Avenue Early Childhood Center

  • International School for Liberal Arts (ISLA) 

  • Martin Van Buren High School

  • Queens School of Inquiry (QSI)

  • The Bellaire School

  • The Riverview School 

  • Theracare 

  • York Early College Academy



  • P.S. 125M

  • P.S. 169M

  • P.S. 192M

  • H.S. 492M

  • H.S. 494M

  • H.S. 541M

  • H.S. 551M

  • H.S. 692M

    Long Island

  • Ulysses Byas Elementary

  • Lenox Elementary

Buzz: What People are Saying About Brain Power

Rafaela Espinal

Superintendent, District 12

We are proud to be a Brain Power district in District 12. We utilize Brain Power exercises in our principal meetings and our parent leaders lead parents in the exercises at our CEC meetings. We see the value of the Brain Power Wellness strategies to help students, parents and teachers with focus, mindfulness and emotional well-being.

Reva Gluck Schneider

Principal, PS 144Q

The Brain Power program is helping my teachers and students to manage their stress, increase concentration, and develop the internal efficacy to create peaceful ways to interact with themselves and others.

Judith James

Principal, PS 28K

Brain Power Wellness is an awesome tool that I brought to my school to shift the way we address providing a supportive environment for our students. In our second year of implementation we are excited to have empowered our student leaders to drive this valuable program school-wide.

Harriet Diaz

Principal, IS 192Q

The Brain Power program is a necessary tool to align positive energy in daily life. It fosters building healthy minds, bodies and citizens of the earth for a better tomorrow. Brain Power rocks!

Rachael Clarke

Teacher & Brain Power Leader, IS 192Q

For me personally, it strengthened me to go back into my classroom, and what I loved is the ability to empower my students to become Leaders in their own right, to own their own energy, their own direction, their actions, and that for me is one of the most powerful things I can do for my students to help them become future Leaders and also successful at the end of their educational journey.

Denise Comenzo

Teacher & Brain Power Leader, PS 84K

As Teachers we need to refill our gas tank, and this workshop was the perfect opportunity for me to feel good and get energy so I can spread what I have learned to the staff and parents. It’s like shining some really bright light on the school. Teachers work so hard, I want to give them tools to take care of themselves and their students. The mindfulness and gratitude training and everyone working together was an amazing experience. I am feeling really awesome right now!

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Student Testimonial

I.S. 204 Queens

Brain Power Mentor Testimonial

I.S. 204 Queens

Brain Power Mentor Testimonial

P.S. 101 Queens

Brain Power Leader Testimonial

P.S. 166 Queens & I.S. 192 Queens

Principal Testimonial

P.S./M.S. 147 Queens

Success Stories

Success Stories

Harriet Diaz

Principal, IS 192Q

As the longest tenured principal in District 29 of Queens, NY, Harriet has created a loving, stable and collaborative school culture at Intermediate School 192.


Since being introduced to Brain Power (BP) in 2014, she has created a model school-wide system, training all her staff in the basic Teacher Workshop, as well as training 5 Mentor teachers and 2 Leader teachers. She has created a strong student leadership group and sent two student leaders on a week-long Brain Power Student Leadership retreat upstate. Harriet also frequently attends the BP Administrative Retreats at Honor's Haven Resort and mentors other principals on how to integrate the Brain Power program into their school instructional plan.  

Elizabeth Chavez

Brain Power Leader, MS 343X

Since becoming a Brain Power Leader in December 2016, Elizabeth has worked creatively to infuse Brain Power into the school-wide culture at Middle School 343 in District 7 of the Bronx.


She regularly leads Brain Power sessions for her colleagues during weekly staff meetings, created an audio file of a guided meditation for her colleagues to use with their classes before state tests, and mentors a group of Brain Power student leaders. Elizabeth even created a new website for other Brain Power Leader teachers to share resources and know-how!  


This year Elizabeth is excited to continue growing the Brain Power culture at MS 343X and to oversee her school's student leaders' Earth Citizen "Dream Projects" which aim to raise awareness of and promote creative solutions for various community issues.

Peter Kalkau

Brain Power Leader, PS 43X

As the Brain Power Leader of Public School 43 in District 7 in the Bronx, Peter is working to advance and nurture the Brian Power community in his school. 


He consistently mentors a group of Brain Power student leaders and leads weekly Brain Power Professional Development sessions for his peers. Peter has also made self-regulating with Brain Power more accessible by creating an adaptation of the Yale Mood Meter and the Brain Power Activity Cards! 


Peter has made an easy-to-use guide for finding the right Brain Power exercise to suit the students’ needs.  The goal is for the student to identify his or her current emotional state and find the right activity to help resolve any emotional fluctuations on their own.

Julian Quaresima & Reggy-Ryan Cadet

Student Leaders, East Meadow & Westbury, Long Island

Julian (Junior at East Meadow High School) and Reggy-Ryan (Junior at Holy Trinity High School, Hicksville) have attended Brain Power Student Leadership retreats and workshops since they were in elementary school. Now they serve as mentors to younger student leaders and are actively engaged in creating positive change in their school communities. 


Both young men have initiated "Earth Citizen Dream Projects":


Julian is currently working on forming a Gay-Straight Alliance to facilitate proactive communication at his high school while Reggy-Ryan is piloting a project to raise funds for low income students to have access to sports equipment and recreational leagues. Both students also frequently help host community Earth Citizen events and district-wide family seminars at Brain Power schools.


According to Reggy Ryan, "Power Brain has helped me grow as a leader because it has given me opportunities to step up and help staff events where I can help other students grow as positive leaders."  Julian says "Power Brain has made me more confident in my ability to lead and perform in and out of the classroom.”

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