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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes BPW's programs different?


BPW embraces a holistic, experiential and embodied understanding of SEL. Through our Brain Power 10 curriculum, we approach social-emotional learning not only through the lens of intellectual understanding but through an interconnected perspective that engages our bodies, our hearts, our minds and our brains. Because this system was developed by a classroom teacher, in partnership with thousands of passionate educational leaders, our school model is authentic, comprehensive and deeply personal, touching every member of the school and local community. 


What are the origins of BPW's programs?


BPW programs are informed by a variety of research-based findings from the fields of education, neuroscience, mindfulness, Asian health theory, biology and psychology. BPW trainings combine community building, calisthenics, brain training, mindfulness, SEL and holistic wellness activities. See the partial list below of thought leaders and organizations who have contributed to BPW’s curriculum and work over the years:

Adam Grant; Alan Watkins; Amanda Blake; Amishi Jha; Angela Duckworth; Bessel van der Kolk; Brene Brown; Bruce Lipton; Bryan Stevenson; Carol Dwyck; Cass Sunstein; CASEL; Charles Duhigg; Chip & Dan Heath; Connection Coalition; Daniel Pink; Daniel Kahneman; Daniel Siegel; Emeran Mayer; Gholdy Muhammed; Glenn Singleton; Gray Fellowship for Transformative Leadership; Howard Gardner; Ibram X Kendi; Ilchi Lee; Isabel Wilkerson; Jerry Porras; Jill Bolte Taylor; Jim Collins; Joan Rosenberg; John Kabat Zinn; Lao Tzu; Lisa Feldman Barrett; Michael Singer; Nikole Hannah-Jones; Parents Empowering Parents; Restorative Circles; Richard Thaler; Rick Hanson; Robin DiAngelo; Simon Sinek; Stephen Covey; Ta-Nehesi Coates; Thich Nhat Hahn; Thomas Armstrong; Wayne Dyer; Zaretta Hammond


In what regions of the US and world does BPW operate?

BPW is headquartered in New York City but has branch offices in Washington, D.C., Miami, and Los Angeles. Through our live online classes and courses, as well as our in-person retreats, we work with teachers and school districts throughout the United States. Through our Online Teacher Course and Certified Professional Instructor courses, we have worked with educators and schools in Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Palestine, Qatar and South Korea. 

How do you evaluate the effectiveness of your programs?


We have partnered with school districts in Arizona, Long Island NY, Miami and New York City to measure the effectiveness of our programs on students’ social-emotional indicators and cognitive functioning (click here for more information).


We also solicit regular feedback through anonymous surveys from teachers, students, administrators and parents. Our Field Coordinators and instructors meet with school and instructional leaders multiple times each month to consistently solicit, evaluate and incorporate feedback, and as a result, our curriculum is constantly evolving to meet the current needs of our school communities. Our average satisfaction rating from our NYC partner schools as reported by the NYC Department of Education is “excellent.”


What age groups BPW work with?


BPW works with students from early childhood through college.  


How do you train and certify instructors?

BPW Instructors earn three certifications from BPW:

  • BPW Teacher Course

  • Certified School Leader Course

  • Certified Professional Instructor Course


In addition to the above, BPW partners with multiple community-based organizations to provide our instructors with training in CPR, trauma-informed care, holistic wellness, culturally responsive pedagogy, health coaching and multiple intelligence theory.  

Do you provide on-site school-based programs or retreat-based programs?

BPW provides both on-site programming (through in-person and live online classes) for schools and retreat-based programs.  


Typical School-Based Programs:

  • Students: Class Visits; Student Leadership Program

  • Teachers: Wellness Classes; BPW Teacher WS; Staff Refresher WS

  • Parents: Parent Workshop Series

  • Administrators: Executive Leadership Coaching Series


Retreat-Based Programs:

  • Students: Advanced Student Leadership Retreat

  • Teachers: Staff Wellness Retreat; Certified School Leader Retreat;  

  • Parents/Families: BPW Family Retreat

  • Administrators: Executive Leadership Retreat 

  • Individuals: Certified Professional Instructor Retreat

Do you provide in-person services or virtual services? 


BPW provides both in-person services and virtual services. For school districts outside of NYC, DC, Miami and LA (and without a local Certified Professional Instructor), we offer a combination of live online workshops and classes with in-person retreats for teacher, student and executive leaders.  For school districts in the NYC, DC, Miami and LA area (or districts that have a local Certified Professional Instructor), we offer a 50/50 model of in-person and live online services as well as in-person retreats for teachers, students and executive leaders.


In response to the increased demand for remote services, in February 2021 we launched expanded online versions of our flagship BPW Teacher Course and Certified Professional Instructor Course and we are excited to be supporting schools around the US and overseas with live online classes and workshops for teachers, students, parents and administrators.  We supplement these online trainings with empowering in-person retreats.  

If you have any additional questions please contact us at 

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