Certified Instructor Course


“I believe Brain Power Leadership training provides the cutting edge resources, embodied tools and supportive environment necessary to maximize our wellness potential and build a true sense of unity among our school community”
- Tennyson H., Elementary Teacher, Class of 2017

Applications are open for the 2021-2022 program

BPW Certified Professional Instructor Program

If you’re an educator, parent, or coach passionate about embodying your personal mindfulness and holistic wellness practice, this is your program.  If you’re looking for the professional skills necessary to effectively share the BPW holistic wellness and brain training system with schools and organizations in your community, this is your program. If you’re looking for an intensive 200-hour immersive 6-12 month journey taken with sincere friends and guided by passionate and accomplished mentors, this is your program. 

Since 2007, Brain Power Wellness has trained more than 25,000 teachers and coaches in our advanced leadership and instructor programs and these talented instructors have personally taught more than 500,000 students worldwide.  Headquartered in NYC, BPW has proudly supported hundreds of schools in NY and we are excited about reimagining our Instructor Certification Program model to help share the BPW system with more schools and communities in the US and around the world.  

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“I believe teachers should become Brain Power Leaders and Instructors to best help their students learn to regulate their emotions in these unprecedented times. Remote learning has added great stress to students of all ages, and Brain Power activities have allowed even our youngest learners to begin exploring and understanding their big feelings. Emotions like stress and frustration can be hard for young children to identify, let alone resolve. Brain Power activities such as deep breathing, brain tapping, pinky-thumb, and many others have allowed students to calm down their brains and prepare for their schoolwork. Students have been able to apply these techniques in times of stress and confusion, and will carry these exercises with them throughout adulthood.”

- Barbara G, Elementary Teacher, Class of 2016


Applications are open for the 2021-2022 program