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Instructional Videos

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[Note: You must have taken a Brain Power Wellness workshop to access these videos]

The Brain Power Classroom:
10 Essentials for Focus, Mindfulness
& Emotional Wellness


Create a Focused, Positive, and Engaged Classroom!


Through expert guidance and inspiring stories from the field, Dave Beal helps you create a Brain Power Classroom full of engaged, focused and collaborative students.

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Teaching Materials

Brain Power Wellness Binder


Instructional binder with over 40 activities, featuring the Brain Power 10 Themes: Team Building, Physical Health, Focus, Mindfulness, Memory, Emotional Wellness, Confidence, Creativity, Character, and Citizenship, for use in the classroom.

Note: Binders are only available to educators who have taken one of our workshops.

Brain Break Exercise Cards

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Short “Brain Break” activities designed for students to use independently when they need to regulate their attention and emotional wellness. Each activity will help refresh their minds and bodies so as to resume their day with focus and positive resilience.

Brain Power Classroom Book

This book describes how to achieve a harmonious, collaborative learning environment co-created by healthy, happy, and engaged students along with their teachers; an environment that utilizes authentic academic rigor, character development, and social-emotional wellness as the foundation for helping members of the class draw out their innate brilliance and cultivate their brightest life purpose – a.k.a. an awesome place to learn and teach!

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Brain Power Poster Set

Colorful reminders of class rules and affirmations that reinforce Brain Power principles and exercises. 

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